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Duncan Gay MP Liberal Government = a big FAT LIAR!


Can you trust this man? Many say he is a liar, I am yet to be convinced although I don't need much more convincing.



Member of the Liberal NSW Government


Mr Gay has continually lied to Mosman residents over the Rat Run.

Mr Gay continues to refuse to meet with relevant parties to understand the real issues

Mr Gay has ignored all the hard evidence that would make any NORMAL person make the right decision - he has not done so

Mr Gay continues to put political gain over an above the safety of our community



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Mr Gay is the biggest Liar and does not car about the truth. The twisting of the RMS number has shown he never had any interest in resolving this issue.



 Latest NEWS for Hon Duncan Gay MP



The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: Roads and Maritime Services conducted a six-month trial to measure the 
traffic impact of closing the right-turn lane from Spit Road into Pearl Bay Avenue. Roads and Maritime 
Services measured travel times with Pearl Bay Avenue both closed and open from February to July 2013. The 
Spit Road corridor is part of the main route between the Northern Beaches and the central business district and 
is used by an estimated 78,000 vehicles a day, along with buses which carry about 60,000 passengers each day. 9 August 2013 LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL 23009
The traffic analysis report commissioned by Roads and Maritime Services unequivocally concludes that keeping 
the right-turn lane into Pearl Bay Avenue closed during the morning peak has a significant impact on traffic 
congestion and journey times upstream into the Spit Road corridor, with an average increase of 40 per cent in 
travelling time. The traffic analysis showed that the morning peak trial closure added an average of nine minutes 
to the travel times for south-bound motorists on Spit Road.
On Mondays, when the trip time is longest, the closure added an average of 20 minutes—doubling 
travel time for motorists. On Fridays, when the trip time was shortest, the closure added an average of 
10 minutes. Increasing journey times by 40 per cent is not something we can reasonably expect commuters to 
endure. As a result, I advise the House that I have accepted the results of the trial and the recommendation from 
Roads and Maritime Services to keep the right-turn lane at Pearl Bay Avenue open during the morning peak. 
The right-turn lane into Pearl Bay Avenue will be open for only 2½ hours a day during the morning peak period, 
which is a total of just 12½ hours per week. In addition, under the arrangements the right-hand turn will not—
and I emphasise "not"—be open during school holidays. The traffic analysis makes it clear that on weekdays we 
do need that extra capacity for the morning peak. To address safety concerns, Roads and Maritime Services will 
work with Mossman Municipal Council— [Time expired.]